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Live has its questions, as proven today

When my spirit sensed darkness coming my way

The storms that were hidden, returned oh so fast,

Just when I thought they were lost in the past

Again I felt teardrops fall from my eyes,

Like rivers of pain, that grew deeper in size

My heart began breaking, like it did the first time,

I faced this storm weeping, asking "Whey is God blind?"

I relived the suffering that I felt for so long,

A suffering that came from a live too soon gone

Again I cried "God…where are you now?

I can’t even stand up - I don’t think I know how"

Then as quick as the storm entered my heart,

A sweet simple peace recited its part

As if I heard God in a gentle kind voice,

Say to me ‘Child , their life was my choice"

"I know your suffering… and your child is fine,

And you’ll see them soon, for you too are mine

Above all things, I know what to do,

Remember my child, I lost my child too"

"But just as my son rose to my throne,

Know that I’ll never leave you alone

So when these storms rage, call on my name,

And I’ll speak this answer to you…unchanged"

by Larry S. Clark