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The Potter's House & Co., Eric Hansen, artist and potter

We're behind the eight ball:

address: 926 WEST 20TH TERRACE, LAWRENCE, KANSAS 66046-2812, phone: (785) 842-8532 ---- (1)To make an appointment to visit the studio please enter the words "Studio Visit" in the subject line - e.g. "the header". (2)If you wish to order my version of the Cone 6 "Chit-Chat" archives from ClayArt listserv group use the words "Chit-Chat" in the subject line. I will be putting the cone 6 oxidation glazes I use online here soon. (3)I am attempting to make some pots that photograph well as this has been a problem for me. Pics will be posted some day. (4) We participate in discussion groups online at rec.crafts.pottery, Clayart listserv, and IRC #pottery on Starlink, and recommend that you use these resources. Go to the CeramicsWeb link below to find instructions on how to subscribe.

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