Me! you love me don't you...c'mon admit it

It's wonderful me:

An Explanation On Me... think fact sheet:

Gender: Female

Fav color: blue

eyes: I wear glasses

height: over 5'2"

fav sports: volleyball and shot put

fav movie: ummmm pleasurable things (not a movie i like pleasurable movies)

*****this is getting boring i know******

I listen to music. (SUCKER FOR BOYBANDS) I love the Beasties and Backstreet... and I HATE 'NSYNC damn it they drive me crazy..... LANCE IS A BIRD (Sorry nsync fans... i have friends who are nsync fans... damn it i'm listening to nsync as I type this.... help it's tearin' up my heart... no!!! must stop.....

I would like to have sex with: Jeff, James, Nick, Kevin, Jordan, Joey, they're bunch of damn fine guys.... if you're fine send me a pic and i might add you to my list ;) please first read type of guy i like

type of guys i like: short hair ( i TOTALLY loathe long haired men) tall, funny, clean cut, ( i TOTALLY loathe men with facial hair with the exception of A.J. and Kevin) and no i'm not looking to get laid... my heart belongs to jeff even though he doesn't know me that well =( but i love him

I love reading sappy love novels and my fav series is SVH senior year damn it Conner chug it up and get with liz before i explode...

I love soda and french fries... damn it i could live off it

i'm filipino and have black hair... i speak english

my fav quotes:

music is love, love is music, music is my life and i love my life thank you and good night....-a.j. mclean

are you from ups... cuz umm i saw you checkin' out my package-kevy kev kev richardson

my best subject is social studies...once got the highest grade on a test... passed 7th grade 3rd place 4th period... graduated 1st semester in the top 5 percentile...

my worst subject is math... especially algebra.. like 2x-1=y what the hell? balancing? cancelling... i just don't get it! and what i hate is that people think i'm good at math...they always say..."aren't you in the advanced math course?" and i'm no... adding, subtracting, multiplication, and division is as far as i'll go...

fav. backstreet boy: i'm not sure..... i love brian his was my 1st fav but then i got sick and tired of hearing about his skank gurlfriend.... so now it's between Kevin and Nick

My list:

1. Kevy

2. Nick

3. A.J.

4. Brian

5. Howie

That's all I can think off... you'll learn more about me later when I learn more about myself.

you miss my homepage don't you?