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Hey, want an animated signature let me know. Use the
form below to e-mail me. Tell me what color,
size and font type you would like. I have
over 600 fonts and if I don't have it let me
know the name and maybe where it can be found and
I will get it. Also don't forget to let me know
what kind of writing instrament you want. I
have pens, pencils, colored pencils, quill
pens, chalk, markers, just about anything you can
think up I will try. This is very
important, if you don't give details then
I can't make what you want.If you
don't specify then I will do a basic black colored
font of my choice with whatever pen, pencil, etc.
I choose. I will only do names and nick
names 10 letters or less, no sentences. If
you send me a request for both your first and
last names and put together they are more than 10
letters then I will only do your first
name br> And yes they are free. Since they
are free I am going to have to limit each person to
one request and only one signature.
If you are wanting to request for other
people and you want more than one
send that person this page and have them request.
Keep in mind also that I am doing these signatures as
time permits and that I do the signatures in the
order in which the requests come in. Please DO NOT
e-mail me asking what is taking so long.
I get a huge volume of requests daily and I can only
do so many a night. Lastly I reserve the right to
refuse any and all requests I don't feel the need to make.


E-mail address


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