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Movie Reference's in SCREAM


Casey is poping popcorn this is kinda like Annie in HALLOWEEN

Casey say's The first Nightmare On Elm St. was good,but the rest sucked

Casey answer's question's to HALLOWEEN,Friday The 13th,and A Nightmare On Elm Street.

When the killer ask's her to nae the killer in HALLOWEEN,she say's just as Racheal in HALLOWEEN 4,"It's Michael....Michael Myers.She has the same tone and every thing.

Casey trie's to let out a scream but can't until her parent's are already in the house.Just as Laurie Strode in HALLOWEEN 2 who can't let out her scream until Dr.Loomis,Marion Chambers and the cop are already inside the hospital.

Casey pull's off the killer's mask when being atacted,just as Tina doe's to Freddy Kruger's face in A Nightmare On Elm Street.

When Casey's parent's discover that something's wrong her father say's "Drive down to the Mackenzie's just as Laurie Strode doe's in HALLOWEEN to Tommy and Lindsey.

Casey hanging in the tree look's just like the opening of SUSPIRIA.

Casey died early in the film as Janet Leigh did in PSYCHO,even though both Janet and Drew were big star's.

The whole beginning is like WHEN A STRANGER CALLS.

The plot is simular to PROM NIGHT.Which Randy bring's up in the video store.

Billy who look's alot like Johnny Depp from A Nightmare On Elm Street.Climb's into Sidney's window as doe's Johnny through Heather's in A Nightmare On Elm Street.

The song playing in the background is don't fear the reaper.The original version of this song was fetured in HALLOWEEN.

Billy Loomis if the name Loomis sound's familour that's becouse the name was used in both HALLOWEEN and PSYCHO.

Billy say's he was at home whatching the EXORCIST.Linda Blair (the little girl from the exorcist) made a cameo as a reporter.

They mention the use of an ice pick in BASIC INSTINT.Sharon Stone is brought up numerous time's in the movie.

Randy imatate's Jerry Lewis when he say's "Did you realy put her liver in the mailbox"

When Tatum and Sid are talking on the phone Tatum metion's Tom Cruise in ALL THE RIGHT MOVE'S.

When Sid come's back into the house after talking to the killer,ghost face come's after her just as Michael Myer's doe's after Bob in HALLOWEEN.

Sidney live's on 34 Elm Street.This was cut out of the movie.

Billy was acused of being the killer as was Rod Lane in A Nightmare on Elm Street.Poor boyfriend he's alway's the only one around.

Stu mention's Candy Man in the school.

When Principal Hembre come's out of his office.We find out that the janitor who is wearing an old dirty hat and an old green sweater is named Fred.A total refernce to A Nightmare On Elm St.Oh yeah Fred was played by Wes Craven.

Tatum wear's a jursey/shirt with a #10 on it.In A Nightmare on Elm St.Johnny Depp wore a jearsey with a #10 on it.

Sid mention's The Town That Dreaded Sundown.

Frankensteine is the movie playing in the video store.

The girl in the video store ask's Randy,"What's that warewolf movie with E.T.'s mom in it?" Randy answer's,"The Howling,horror straight ahead"

Stu's house set's alone on a hilltop simular to the house in PSYCHO.

At Stu's party Randy brought Hellraiser,The Fog,Prom Night,Terror Train,The Evil Dead,and HALLOWEEN.

Right before Tatum get's killed they use a clasic cat scare.

Before Tatum get's killed,while thinking the killer is Randy playing around she say's "What is this I spit on you're garage?" This is an obvious refernce to the movie I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE.

After Billy show's up at the party Randy say's "What's Lether face doing here?" This is a refernce to The Texeas Chainsaw Massacre.

When Sid and Billy are talking in Stu's parent's room.Sid say's "Im scared im gonna end up like my mom.You know like the bad seed or something" This is a refernce to one of my favorite classic's The Bad Seed.

Billy mention's SILENCE OF THE LAMB'S.

When Sid is atacted in the police car it is simular to the scene in HALLOWEEN where Annie is atacted.

Whe Sid is banging on the attic window it is just like a scene in the 1940's movie THE SPIRAL STAIRCASE.

The HALLOWEEN theame is played through most of the ending.

Billy qouted PSYCHO when he said We all go a little mad some time's

Billy say's "Corn syrup.Same stuff they used for pig's blood in Carrie.

Billy and Stu say it's a lot better when there's no motive.This could be a nock of HALLOWEEN6:The Curse Of Michael Myers.and Freddy's Dead:The final Nightmare.Both of these movie's give reason to why the killer kill's.

Sidney hide's in the closet as Laurie Strode in HALLOWEEN.The differnce in the two movie's is Sidney came from the closet atacking Billy.

When Sidney throw's the tv.down on Stu's head it's kinda like the scene in A Nightmare On Elm St.3 where Freddy put's the girl's head through the tv.

When Sidney,Gale and Randy are standing above Billy's thought to be dead body.Randy say's "Carefull this is th part where the supposablely dead killer come's back to life for one last scare.This could be a refernce to every movie in the Friday the 13th series,the HALLOWEEN serei's and A Nightmare on Elm St.

That's all that I noticed if there's any that I missed please e-mail me.

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