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This page is dedicated to
Judith Dixon Cooley
Mother and Friend
30Apr41 - 16Feb99

She hated it when I went to the airport and she hated it whenever my feet left the ground. She knew that I was going to do something silly like jump our of a plane or participate at an airshow or a race. People would ask what I was doing in Arizona and she would shake her head and respond "I Don't want to know". See ya mom. Alot of folks are going to miss you.


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OK, you may not need these banners but now you're here. Please, have fun, check the pics, links and SIGN MY GUESTBOOK!!! I like to know who came by. Steve

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In the future I will be adding pictures, dates and places along with other info on upcoming aviation events that might not be published in the usual aviation publications (Flying, Private Pilot etc...)

There are many many small town shows that are as good or not better than the barnstormers of old. When was the last time you saw a Piper Cub dragging a wingtip through the grass?

As for general aviation, just let me know where you are and what you want (private, commercial, cfi, cfii, etc....) and I will locate and set you up with an instructor in your area. I think that I can find better deals than what most FBOs are charging. One on one instruction is the best way to go anyway. Who need bigt schools!

What goes good with airshows? Girls, of course. I have some lady friends that are interested in contributing to this page also. (I think they just want their pictures on the web)

If you can think of anyway at all to better this new page, or if you think that I am infringing on someone elses copywrite please mail me.

If you have a good picture or screenshot from a sim (FS2K or very early models please), send it to me and I'll add it to the list. I'm currently changing the picture page (for sim pics) to strictly FS2K and nostalgia photos. I hope you enjoy them. Hope you enjoy the page! Check out the Links.

This is a great link to aviation oriented screensavers. I wish I could download them all. Also, you will find icons, startup sounds and other great toys for you're windows setup. Just go here and visit. The Scenery Hall of Fame!

I have relatives that think they are pretty good with aircraft. I dare them and anybody else that thinks they know aircraft to take the airshow, military aircraft identification Quiz.

Sergie Pugochev, from Moscow, is a new member of the International Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. He is going to be sending me some purely Soviet photos. They should be real good. This is new for them and for Sergei. I look forward to hearing more from the old Soviet Union.

Do you think you are another Maverick or IceMan? Well, put your money where your mouth is and give it a try. You get to fly SF260s in a no holds barred ACM confrontation at Fighter Pilots USA.

Fly a Mig. Get your wallet out. Go have fun. Loan me some money to go with you. The wall has come down at Migs over Moscow.

Summertime is a great time to fly. With the Young Eagles program into full swing and all of the shows coming up, this looks to be a great year for general aviation. Student pilot statistics are at an all time high and the hiring from the regionals and majors are up as well (if you can survive the wages for a few years). The people who stay in for the long haul are the ones that really, really love to fly. I don't think its for the money anymore. Everyone have a great summer, and I hope to see you at a show near you (or me). Steve

Pissed off at the taxes levied on GA and the private sector? I am, and I've already sent letters. You can too. No more BS from these people who want to keep us on the ground. Let them know NOW.

Do you want to hear realtime ATC chatter? These are from Chicago, Dallas and Miami. All you need is RealPlayer. You can download it for free Here. (make sure it is version 5.0 or later, thanks Fred)

DFW approach
O'Hare approach and departure
Miami Int. approach

Links to Great Sites!!

Upcoming Airshows and Races

Look for info on the next great Race. The first of the new century!

I will be adding dates for the airshow (and info) for the year 2000 very soon! Can't wait for the new show year to start.

Sun - n - Fun '99 (the place to be this year)

Museums and History

Dayton AFB at Wright Patterson (though I'm partial to the Navy)Thanks Noel Benford
Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and Magazine
National Warplane Museum
Canadian Bushplane Heritage Center
Kansas Aviation Museum
History of Aviation in the Air Capitol (my home)
National Air and Space Museum
Strategic Air Museum

Virtual Russian Airlines from Oleg Kitaev
Login to Great site and great articles All kinds of downloads
Multiplayer FS2000 Check the flightboard for Multiplayer FS2K
Flightsim Developers Need I say more?

This looks to be really good. Keep a watch on it.

Great general aviation links

Aviation Humor (good stuff here)
So...ya wanna learn to fly?
I don't want to see you here
I hope you don't know anyone here
Aviation Safety Web Pages
Aircraft for sale
Cessnas for sale (new pricing)
Homebuilt Aircraft Sourcebook
Airport info and nav aids
This used to be called "Beechcraft"
The best business jets

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Page 2 (pics of planes, sims and people)

Lots of good pics (thumbnailed). Takes a little time to load.


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