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Rainy Day Bear Co.

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Teddy Bear Artist: Nancy Lee Smith

Just another quiet Sunday afternoon...

She's created in German mohair with Ultrasuede paw pads and German glass eyes. Gretchen stands 14 inches tall and her paws and tummy are weighted. She wears a vintage baby dress with vintage baby shoes.

Gretchen - Black Forest Bear, dressed

Mien Bruin

This little bear stands about 6 1/2 inches and is a one of a kind in a series called Mien Bruin. they're made with sparse German mohair and German glass eyes. They're stuffed with poly-fil and have feet and tummies weighted with glass beads. Quiet and well behaved, they make wonderful traveling companions but are just as happy keeping watch over your desk or computer.

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I will post different pictures of my work from time to time so please check back often.
If you're interested in any of my Bears or would like more information you can write to;
Rainy Day Bear Co. * P.O. Box 16111 * Wichita, ks 67216-0111
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