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The Band.

  • Johnny Vamp.- Lead Vocals, Harmonica.
  • Jimi K. Bones.- Lead, Slide, Acoustic Guitars, Vocals.
  • Pete Pagan.- Rhythm Guuitar, Vocals.
  • Steve Mach.- Bass.
  • Gregg Gerson.- Drums, Vocals.

    Not a Pretty Sight. (1990)
    Track List.

  • Nail it Down.
  • Resurrection Love.
  • Cover me with Roses.
  • Hey Stupid.
  • Nymphomania.
  • Kiss this.
  • All the Girls in the World.
  • Let Her Go.
  • Out with the Boys.
  • My World.

    Track List.

  • Madhouse.
  • Hellraiser.
  • Mr Downtown.
  • Cheap Thrills.
  • So Far Away.
  • Stone Cold Crazy. (Live at The Cat Club 1991.)

    I get alot of questions concerning Skin 'n' Bones, so i decided to add some information here.
    'Not a Pretty Sight' and 'Madhouse' has been re-released on one CD titled Speak Easy.
    Order yours at and check out Johnny's solo work at