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Pokemon Midi's

It took awhile, but I finally took the time to upload a few midi's. I ment to sooner but I didn't have the time. So, you can either download or just listen to them off the net(depending on how your downloading program works). These are just for you fans, so enjoy! More to come!

Midi's Description
pokerock.mid Rock version of the Japanese Pokemon theme song. Music used on many Pokemon pages
tvopening.midi Theme to english and french Pokemon Show
pbtrain.midi Trainer Battle music
pbtrainermix.midi More battle music, but this is my personal favourite out of all the rest
poke1.midi Japanese Theme song, mistaken to be music from the game by alot of people, enless you count Pokemon Pinball
poke2.midi Japanese Theme song in Piano
tmrocket.midi Team Rocket Music (not Jessie and James Music)
pokemon.midi More Battle music(can't get enough of it)
trainer.midi Battle Music
tthccd.midi The Time Has Come, longer version then the rest
tvmix.midi Another Pokemon Theme Song from the TV show
pokemonfight1.midi Trainer battle music, but I gotta say this ones not as good as the others
gym.midi Gym Leader music
tvcdsong.midi Same song used on my main page. Midi from the Pokemon Theme song from CD 2.B.A Master
timehascome.midi The Time has Come music, or as others know it "Pikachu's Goodbye"
pokemontrain.midi Really cool Battle music, sounds just like the Game Boy game music with a twist
open.midi Pallet Town Music
tvopeningmidi.midi Pokemon Theme Song

If any of these Midi's don't work and it's one you'd like to download, please tell me either with email or on the message board! Thanks!