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Roberts, Leslie B. Captain. SN# 0-490591

Locating and obtaining information from relatives has been accomplished by Larry and Vi Carpenter, Estes Park Colo.
Personal Questions Personal Information
Airman's Last Name Roberts
First name Leslie
Middle name B
Nickname, if any "Les"
Date of Birth
Place of birth Brooklyn NY
Name of parents Samuel and Ann Robbinovitz, Both Born in Russia
Nationality Russian
Mother's maiden name Ann Bernstien, Russia
Number of brothers 0
Number of sisters 2
His order of birth XX

High School attended XX
Year of graduation XX
College or votech school att. NYU Medical School
Year of graduation 1938

Date entered service 1942
Duty Stations and trainng Aleutian Island Campaign
Was Airmen married at time of death No
Engaged XX
If yes to either, to whom? XX
Is this person still living XX
How might I contact this person XX
Date of marriage XX
Were any children born
of this marriage
Name (s) of children 1-XX
Where are they living now 1-XX 2-XX
Names of brothers and sisters Sylvia Charlotte Yarvis ..(d) Dorothy Hoffs

Are photographs of subject
available to be copied
Town where buried Elmont NY
Name of cemetery Beth David
What do you remember most about this man He was absoultely brilliant, he received his MD at the age of 21
How would you describe him, tall, short, athletic Medium Size, 5'8", Athletic
Information Re: Addresses and Tel numbers secured in edit mode
Locating and obtaining information from relatives has been accomplished by Larry and Vi Carpenter, Estes Park Colo.
< DOROTHY HOFFS (SISTER) LA AREA NEAR OJ SIMPSONS HOUSE 310 826 4955 FROM LOUISE YARVIS...MARTIN'S WIFE 5.29.00Steve Yarvis NJ 973 895 2471 From Louise Yarvis Martins Wife 5.29.00//////////////////////////////////////////////////> Need Photo
Hi Dale,
I had ordered the microfilm of the Brooklyn Eagle newspaper for August 1944 through interlibrary loan and learned the flight surgeon, Capt. Leslie Roberts, had two married sisters. Because one of them married a man with an uncommon last name (Yarvis), I was able to locate a relative in New York City.So Capt. Roberts is number fifteen I think-getting there!
Re: Larry C
Subject: captain Leslie Roberts, flightsurgeon

I am Martin Yarvis the nephew of the deceased Captain Leslie Roberts, flightsurgeon who perished over Naper, Nebraska .
I believe Larry Carpenter is trying to reach me.
I can be reached at 561-336-2638 or at
Subject: Captain Leslie Roberts:Flightsurgeon on Naper 28

Could you please tell me what happened to the bodies.
I read in your reports that they were thrown free of the plane.
Yet my grandmother said the plane was hit by lighteningand no remains were found as everything disintegrated.
She said they buried an empty uniform. Can you tell me what the telegrams to the families said.
Also whathappened to the bodies.
Were autopsies performed?
Were the bodies shipped to the families?
Knowing the facts would give our family closure.

Sincerely yours,
Martin R. Yarvis
Louyar@aol,com 13248 Harbour Ridge Blvd
Palm City, Fl 34990


Rank and Serial Number:

War Address: 71A Synner Ave Brooklyn NY Kings Cnty

Born: 5-3-1916 New York

Spouse: Single



Other Relatives: