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2300hrsC 5.28.00
Hi Dale,
Not a bad week's work-I wanted to let you know that last Monday I found relatives of Lt. Barney O'Malley.
His brother Pat will be putting me in touch with Lt. Pope's twin brother as soon as he returns to town, so that will be another family reached.
Re: Larry Carpenter

Hi all:
Just talked to another relative (Thanks to Larry Carpenter).
Mickey ( I did not get his first name ) Pope, twin brother to Lelan "Alex" Pope.
He is going to try and drive to Hebron Sat night or Sunday morning.
I am going to set up an taped telephone interview shortly after the 14th
But here are some interesting facts.
He knew about 20 of the deceased pilots, they were his classmates.
He knew that his brother had died and called his mother BEFORE the telegram arrived
He was close friends of the Jolley twins.
He talked with Col McAlister about the accident.
He went to Bruning AAF and drove his bother's car back home.

He had an interesting tour of duty in China.
Got a Jap Zero kill near an US Airfield and the ground troops found the Zero wreckage, cut out the RED MEAT BALL insignia and gave it to him.
Why he was landing at this particular airfield is quite a story, for later.

I believe that Judy has a picture of the two sets(actually three) of twins at Foster Field, Victoria Texas.
I am looking forward to meeting Larry C and Mickey at Hebron....

Oct 1943 Primary Flight School
Fort Stockton Texas

Name:Lelan "Alex" Pope
Rank and Serial Number:
WW2 Address:
Place of Burial:

Siblings:Twin brother "Mickey" Pope

Close relatives:

Other Information:

Correspondence from Loved Ones:

The on going Search and Location of Surviving relatives is being accomplished by
Mr. Larry C Carpenter

of Estes Park Colorado

Personal Information from Death Certificates obtained by
Mr. Dewaine R Erickson
of Wilcox Nebraska