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Last Updated 02.23.02 More information and photos needed
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Patterson, Bruce S. 2Lt.
Personal Questions Personal Information
Airman's Last Name Patterson
First name Bruce
Middle name S
Nickname,if any
Date of birth
--Month 2
--Day 7
--Year 1922
Place of birth Toledo, Oregon
Name of parents Walter R and Anna Schade
Mother's maiden name Anna Schade
Number of brothers 2 and 1 step brother-
Number of sisters 4
His order of birth

High School attended Shaw High School
Year of graduation
College or votech school att.
Year of graduation

Date entered service March 1941.
Duty Stations and trainng Ft. Riley Ks, 107th Cavalry, Army Air Forces, Victoria Field Tx.
Was Airmen married at time of death? Yes
If yes to either, to whom? Virginia "Ginny"
Is this person still living? Yes ?
How might I contact this person?
Date of marriage? ?
Were any children born of this marriage? No
Name (s) of children
Where are they living now?
Names of brothers and sisters Gordon A. and Walter S. Step Brother-- Charles L Ebert. Sisters--Mrs Theodore (Ruth) Mandeville, Miss Ethel A., Mrs Myron A King and Mrs William "Mip" Pfahl

Are there photographs (or copies) of the subject?
Town where buried
Name of cemetery
What sort of build was this man?
What do you remember most about this man?

The following Emails, Telephone conversations, Letters and newspaper clippings, contain the stories that creates those great emotions. Feelings that makes one feel good about people, our country and ourselves.
Last statement not very P C, Sorry about that...dh

Locating and obtaining information from relatives has been accomplished by Larry and Vi Carpenter, Estes Park Colo.