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Updated 02.20.02
Hutslar, Orson H. Sgt SN# 15323217

Locating and obtaining information from relatives has been accomplished by Larry and Vi Carpenter, Estes Park Colo.
QuestionairePersonal Information
Airman's Last Name Hutslar
First name Orson
Middle name H
Nickname, if any XX
Date of Birth XX
Month XX
Day XX
Year XX
Place of birth XX
Name of parents Noah H and Dora Ellen Hutslar
Nationality XX
Mother's maiden name XX
Number of brothers XX
Number of sisters XX
His order of birth XX

High School attended XX
Year of graduation XX
College or votech school att. XX
Year of graduation XX

Date entered service XX
Duty Stations and trainng XX
Was Airmen married at time of death Yes
Engaged XX
If yes to either, to whom? XX
Is this person still living No
How might I contact this person
Date of marriage XX
Were any children born
of this marriage
Name (s) of children 1- Danny Hutslar
Where are they living now 1-XX 2-XX
Names of brothers and sisters XX

Are photographs of subject
available to be copied
Town where buried XX
Name of cemetery XX
What do you remember most about this man XX

Locating and obtaining information from relatives has been accomplished by Larry and Vi Carpenter, Estes Park Colo.
Last Update 1115 5.18.00

Name Orson H Hutslar Orson was the oldest at 31 years of age
Rank and Serial Number Sgt 15323217
Born To be entered
Spouse To be entered
Grandchildren Names coming
Corey Lee and Kyle Logan
Other Relatives Jack Hutslar..Cousin
06/22/1999 07:13:53 Jack Hutslar
born in Springfield, Ohio - - living in NC
Comments: Orson Hutslar was my father's younger brother.
From oldest to youngest there were Florence (1898), Frank (1900). Lawrence Leon/Bill (1905) and Orson (1910).
Parents were Noah H. and Dora Ellen Hutslar.

Jack contacted us recently with a great letter
Recent Email.... Subject: Re: Naper 28 Visit To: Dale Hueske I will see Danny Hutslar in Springfield, Ohio next Saturday - 4/15/00 - and pass a copy of your email along to him. Danny is Orson Hutslar's son. Our dad's were brothers. Thanks for all you are doing. Jack Hutslar in NC Orson Hutslar's nephew
Father: Noah H Hutslar

Mother: Dora Ellen Hutslar

Place of Burial:

Danny Hutslar

Danny and his two pride and joys, his grandsons, Cory Lee age 4 and Kyle Logan age 7

His son, Danny Hutslar was located by telephone Jan. 8th. 1999 The emotions experienced by both DH and Danny in that short telephone call were intense, more so when the cross was mentioned. Danny has a bracelet that was made from his father?s wings. Danny has sent a large picture of his father and a picture of himself and his two grandsons. Danny also sent a very, very wonderful letter.

Danny is living in Springfield Illinois, he has just retired and is now 60 years old. He is the first surviving relative that DH contacted. That phone call is related in the Naper report....Much more to be added soon to Danny.s story...

The Sprinfield Sun-News reporter, Don Roberts, did a great front page Memorial day (1999) feature on Danny and this Dad..Great Picture of Danny !!...we hope to present the article soon