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Last Updated 03.09.02 0105C hrs ...Would like to have more information..
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Brown, Richard E. 2nd Lt. 0-721338

Photo thanks to Rick (Richard G.) Brown



Last Name






Nickname, if any


Date of birth





Place of birth

Name of parents

Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Brown


Mother's maiden name

Number of brothers


Number of sisters

His order of birth

High School attended

San Leandro H S

Year of graduation

College or votech school attended

Year of graduation

Date entered service

February 1943

Was Airmen married at
time of death



If yes to either, to whom


Is this person still living

Yes (?)

How might I contact this person

Date of marriage

Were there any children
born of this marriage

1 Son
Born 1 weeek after his father's death

Names of children

Jack J

Where are they living now

Names of brothers/sisters

Are photographs of subject
to be copied

Town where buried

Oakland CA
Lt Miller BAAF
Military Escort

Name of cemetery

Mt View Cemetery

What do you remember
most about this man

Duty stations

Commisioned April 15, 1944(?)

Interesting Notes.

Mrs. P.O. Gehr,
wife of another pilot at Bruning,
arrived with Mrs. Brown for the burial

The following Emails, Telephone conversations, Letters and newspaper clippings, contain the stories that creates those great emotions. Feelings that makes one feel good about people, our country and ourselves.
Last statement not very P C, Sorry about that...dh
Lt. R W Berchem,the Bruning AAF Pilot who escorted the Jolley Twins home, was a close friend of Lt Brown....more notes coming ASAP ...03.09.02 0200 C hrs..

Locating and obtaining information from relatives has been accomplished by Larry and Vi Carpenter, Estes Park Colo.

Telecon Gerald Brown/Larry Carpenter
8:30 am Tuesday, July 25,2000

I called and this time I found Gerald and his wife at home. (I forgot to take into account I was calling the West Coast and called before they were both out of bed.
Gerald said there was "... so little news at the time" when his brother was killed. He was still living at home when the phone call came at 4 in the morning.
Richard Brown was known as Richard to his parents but wanted to be called "Rick" when he went in service. Gerald Brown named one of their sons Richard/Rick after his brother.
It turns out that Betty's (Mrs. Brown) sister, who now lives in Monterey, CA was married to Rick and had been for two years when he was killed. Betty and Gerald were not yet married but Betty knew Gerald's brother well.
Rick's widow closed the book on Rick's death, remarried and doesn't talk about him. She doesn't know about the website.

Rick's father learned to fly after Rick's death. He was killed in the weather related crash of a BT-13 four years later.

They are looking for the questionnaire and one of their sons will send a photo, maybe by e-mail.
Their sons all are computer literate and have followed the website with interest. Place of Burial:

Personal Information from Death Certificates obtained by Dewaine R Erickson from Dept. of Vita Statistics, Lincoln, Nebraska.