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Bohle, Robert Kenneth, Lt.
Updated 02.18.02 2225

Graduation Photo
Bud as an Aviation Cadet
Bud in "working clothes"
Personal Questions Personal Information
Airman's Last Name Bohle
First name Robert
Middle name Kenneth
Nickname, if any "Bud"
Date of Birth
Month 11
Day 1
Year 1918
Place of birth Chicago
Name of parents John Edgar and Lillian Bohle
Nationality Norwegian and Irish
Mother's maiden name Hogan
Number of brothers 0
Number of sisters 1
His order of birth 2

High School attended Edison Park
Year of graduation Dec 1937
College or votech school att. St Olaf
Year of graduation ?
Occupation prior to entering serviceWorked for Baush and Lomb selling Instruments to Opthalmologists and Optometrists,

Date entered service Jdan 1942
Duty Stations and trainng Pilot training:- Kelly field, Primary at Bonham, Basic at Randolph, Advanced at Brooks Field Dive bomer training at Brooks.
Was Airmen married at time of death Yes
If yes to either, to whom? DeLores Hogan
Is this person still living Yes 1 2 3
How might I contact this person Contact DH via....Email
Date of marriage Sept. 1 1942
Were any children born
of this marriage
Name (s) of children Barbara Lynn Bohle Kuske
Where are they living now Britton, SD
Names of brothers and sisters LeRoy E. Bohle

Are photographs of subject
available to be copied
Are newspaper clippings appearing in the local papers at the time of the accident available to be copied Yes
Town where buried Chicago
Name of cemetery Mt. Olivet
How would you describe him, tall, short, athletic He was average height, with an athletic build. He was on the swim team and golf team in college. and high school
How was the family notified of this man's death I was told by a friend, and I called his parents and mine.
What do you remember
most about this man
His zest for life. He was a very outgoing, happy, people-person with a wonderful smile,
Initial Email response to Larry C from Barbara B Kuske
Initial Telephone call to Larry C from DeLores
The first detailed letter from DeLores to Larry Carpenter. ( A beautiful letter!..dh )