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ARNETT, MILLARD F JR. 2nd Lt. SN 0-695289



Last Name

Arnett Jr.





Nickname, if any


Date of birth




Place of birth

Name of parents

Mr. and Mrs. Millard Arnett Sr.


Mother's maiden name

Number of brothers

Number of sisters

His order of birth

High School attended

Year of graduation

College or votech school attended

Year of graduation

Date entered service

Was Airmen married at
time of death



If yes to either, to whom

Carolyn Snider

Is this person still living

How might I contact this person

Date of marriage

Were there any children
born of this marriage

Names of children

Where are they living now

Names of brothers and sisters

William (A WW2 flying instructor in Texas)

Are photographs of subject
available to be copied

Town where buried

Fairmont WV

Name of cemetery

What do you remember
most about this man

Duty stations

Tallahasse Fl,
Colorado Springs CO,
Galvestson TX
Bruning AAF

Letter from Jo Ann to Larry

Lillie J. Corley (Jo Ann)
Route 1, Box 221 Rivesvi11e"WV 26588-9719
19 March 2000

Larry E. Carpenter
1141 Holiday Lane
Estes Park, CO 80517-7412
Dear Larry,

I really don't know how to begin this letter as I'm really "bursting at the seams" this evening. I am sure you will find my letter of much interest to you and possibly helpful in filling in some of the empty spaces on the data of Millard F. Arnett, Jr. Indeed I am a distant relative of Millard F. Arnett, Jr. Although I had never met him I feel as though I had known him.

I did check out the story of the crash of the Army Air Corps C-47 transport plane on the Internet and found it to be very interesting. It gave me the incentive to dig even further with a special challenge. This is common among an amateur genealogist and when a "find" is made, it gives such a pleasure. I went to the library at Fairmont State College yesterday and viewed some of the old issues of the Fairmont Times newspapers on microfilm. I found and have included copies of the following:

1. Millard F. Arnett, Jr. commissioned as second lieutenant in the Army Air Corps (Fairmont Times, Nov 8, 1943).

2. Wedding announcement of Caroline Wells Snider becoming the bride of Lt. Millard Arnett, Jr. (Fairmont Times, Nov 12, 1943). This gives us proof that Caro1ines' maiden name was Snider.

3. Published announcement of Millard F. Arnett being killed in plane crash (Fairmont Times, Aug 7, 1944).

4. Article - Body of Lt. Arnett Arrives This Morning (Fairmont Times, Aug 8, 1944).

5. Article - Lt. Arnett Rites Set This Afternoon (Fairmont Times, Aug 9, 1944). This article states burial to be at Woodlawn Cemetery.

6. Article - Lt. Arnett Rites Held (Fairmont Times,

Aug 10, 1944). Interment was made in the Woodlawn Cemetery at Fairmont, WV (Marion Co)

7. Obituary of Gladys Shroyer Arnett, proof that she was the mother of Millard F. Arnett, Jr. and the wife of Millard Arnett, Sr. (Fairmont Times, Jan 18, 1952).

8. Funeral notice of Mrs. Gladys Shroyer Arnett (Fairmont Times, Jan 19, 1952).

After leaving the library I decided to stop at the Woodlawn Cemetery which is located off Route 19 in Fairmont to see if I could locate the burial site of Millard Jr. The Cemetery office was closed and a sign placed on the door "working in Cemetery". I know there is a plot map kept in that office, but after driving through the cemetery twice, could not find that caretaker so attempted to find the site myself. I walked for almost two hours, Absolutely couldn't find the site. Woodlawn Cemetery is one of the largest cemeteries in Marion County and it would take days to cover the entire area. I will go back one day soon and see if I can locate his grave. I will take pictures of his stone (if there is one) plus take note of any family stones near his grave.

Once I had returned home, I had a chance to look over the i copies of the clippings and tried to "digest" my findings. Talk about an excited old gal! I suddenly realized I had before me some important information you requested although not everything you were needing. I discovered there were pall bearers listed for Gladys Shroyer Arnett; were any of them still living or in this area still? I got out the telephone book and found Harold wells, a Michael Wells, and a Raymond Wells. Nothing listed for the other three listed pall bearers.

This morning I undertook the task of locating the pallbearers. I started with Harold Wells ---pay dirt! He is the the same Harold Wells, now 84 years old and retired from the Railroad, and yes, he was a cousin to Millard Jr. His father Ralph Wells was a half brother to Millard F. Arnett, Sr's mother, Monie (Wells) Arnett. So, I have found a cousin.

The following is information I obtained from our conversation: Harold remembered Millard Jr. as being called "Buddy" by friends and family. He said he was a bright young man his death was mourned greatly by his family. He and his bride, Caroline had a large wedding while he was on a furlough. Caroline was very talented and in high social life. Caroline was most likely an illegitimate child as there was no father and although her mother was addressed as Mrs. E. C. Hamill, Harold doesn't remember of ever seeing Mr. Hamill. Also Caroline was raised by her grand- parents, Mr. & Mrs. C. C. Wells in their home with her mother living in the same household. Harold said he doesn't remember anything about where Caroline located after Millard Jr's death, nor if she ever remarried.

Millard Jr. had a brother, William W. Arnett, known as "Billy", who was also a pilot. When the war was over, he came back to Fairmont for a little while. Harold said he didn't know if Billy had married a Fairmont girl or where she was from, but they lived in California and had a couple of kids, so he thought.

Millard' Sr. ran coin machines in Fairmont and in Harolds' words "could have been a multi-millionaire, but was such a heavy drinker and would stay drunk for days". After his wife Gladys died in 1952, Billy came back to Fairmont, cleared up all of his Dad's debts and took him to California to live with him. Millard Sr. worked in an antique shop in California the last Harold heard-from him. Millard Sr. had 2 brothers, Charley and Harry. Charley worked in a clothing store in Fairmont and was also a heavy drinker. He was married, but it is unknown for sure if there were children. Harry worked in a Hotel in Chicago and his wife was deaf. They had no children. Harold said Billy was killed in a car wreck in California, but couldn't remember when.

Since Harold has told me that Millard Sr. had went to California to live with son William, I am assuming that the Millard Arnett listed in the Social Security Death Index, born 23 June 1900, died 22 Dec 1988, Huntington Beach, CA is the father of Millard F. Arnett, Jr.

My hope is that when I locate the gravesite of Millard Jr. that I will find Millard Sr. buried beside his wife Gladys. The No.2 Millard Arnett you mentioned being born 12 Mar 1908, died July 1981, Frankfort, Clinton Co., IN is questionable as he would have only been age 14 when Jr. was born. If ever you find anything more on this family, would you be so kind as to write and share with me?

I do hope all this information will be of help to you. My typing is terrible, but I have attempted to include all the information that I can. If you have a need to vertify any of the information I got from Harold, his telephone # 304-363-0597. His address is Harold W. Wells, 1109 Center St, Fairmont, WV 26554.

Good luck to you in your research.