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LAST UPDATE - 3/27/99

Be sure to check out the first edition of the new pics!

During my "cyber-pilgrimage", I have come across more than one web page that has seen fit to post the photograph off my web page showing my son helping me jerk hides and to cast aspersions on the way that I raise my children.

Let's see what I teach my kids, shall we?
- It is soley their own responsibility take care of themselves and their families.
- I teach them the knowledge and skills to do this under nearly any circumstance.
- Never steal or beg and be true to your word.
- Never pick a fight, but never run from one.
- When you do have to fight, go in hard, fast & grinnin'.

A message to anti-hunters, If you want to post my son in that light, go ahead. Just be sure that your own kids see it and let them know that one day, he will be helping to pay their welfare check and if they mess with him or his family, he will have them wearing their asses for hats.
And, just to fuel the fires, I have posted a page to more openly display the "abhorent" activities that I let my son engage in!

"Big Dog" Unchained

Bad Dog Ltd.
Cstom Dog Boxes

I have had a lot of people ask me to post a pic and some specifics on my dog boxes, so here it is. This is not an advertisement, no prices or ordering information will be posted.

Ok, I might be getting over zealous with the pics, but I posted another two pages.
I've just heard so much Walker bashing in CC Chat, I had to show ya'll how it's done.


Your Rights Are In Jeopardy!!

     In an attempt to make it easier for my follow hunter to stay informed,
I have added an additional set of links to this site.  These links are 
dedicated to stopping hunters, specifically, the "barbarous houndsmen".
     The publishers of these pages are, generally, very outspoken against
hunting.  To be honest with you, I can see why they are so dedicated to this
endeavor.  I mean, now that most tuna is dolphin safe and the ABHSC 
(Arctic Brotherhood of Harp Seal Clubbers) has disbanded, what causes are 
left that are worth fighting for?
- There were over 17,000 alcohol related traffic deaths last year.
- In the U.S. alone over 1.5 million women a year kill their own children
  while still in the womb.
- Over 500,000 teenagers attempt suicide every year, 5000 succeed. 
- City kids are killing each other for things sometimes as stupid as the
  color of their clothes.
- One in three girls and one in six boys are sexually molested by the age
  of 18.
- That pesky religious genocide thing in Bosnia.
- We actually allow a thing called partial birth abortion.
- Etc?.

     I have to admit, that's a pretty pathetic list compared to the atrocity 
committed by hunters.  Yes, it's sad but true. We are guilty of, dare I say
it, benefiting the environment through regulated game management and
licensing revenues.  How do we cope?
     I encourage you to visit my anti-hunter links page and keep abreast of their
activities.  Knowledge is more valuable than gold. 
     Please, if you do visit these sites, leave them like you found them.  

Anti-Hunter Links

And, so you don't think that I'm giving the kooks center stage, I am currently constructing a page dedicated to anti-anti-hunter links. I have noticed a growing number of these sites and organizations. It seems that more and more people are becomming aware of the outreagousness and ought right criminality of many of these anti-hunter organizations and are deciding to take a stand. It seems like the anti-hunters (much akin to a persistent gnat disrupting your rest) are beginning to awake the sleeping giant. As soon as I get the sites organized and the text finished, I will link you to as many of these sites as I can!

Anti-Anti-Hunter Links

A Little Bit About Myself

I spent 4 years in the Army, 2 in Germany and 2 as the DIVARTY armorer for the 101st Airborne. After which, I was recalled for Uncle Sam's little ass whipin' party. Now, I work in Wichita as a mechanical designer and CNC programmer, designing photo processors. I spend most of my free time either with my dogs, doing this computer stuff or being a general pain in my wife's butt.

My Dissertation :

I sincerely appreciate every visitor I have to this web site. I am new at this so, I encourage everyone to sign the GUEST BOOK and use the MESSAGE BOARD. The more input I have from the people who visit, the easier it will be to improve this page. I especially encourage any of you who would be willing to add to my PRODUCT REVIEW. Any and all views and opinions are welcome, even anti-hunters, which brings me to another topic. Anti-hunters, I know that you hold on to your beliefs very strongly and you have just as much right to your opinions as anyone else. Your comments will be posted right along with the rest, however, I ask that you please keep it clean and provide your first name & E-mail address or I will be forced to give you the axe. There is nothing I would like more than to extend you the courtesy of acknowledging your patronage. But, alas, I am a busy person and I can't manage the time to respond to everyone so I have compiled a few of the more popular anti-hunting formats that get sent to this type of page and pre-responded. So, if your submission falls under one of the following categories, please feel free to copy it and E-mail it to yourself.

You are outraged by my actions and just want to let me know that you will pray for me.

Thank you very much. I hope that I never get to the point that I would reject the well-meaning prayers of another. I, in turn, will pray that you learn to stop judging people, simply because they have different beliefs than you, and get on with your life.

You think that my "kind" are the reason we need gun control.

My "kind" already has gun control, a good sight picture & a steady hand. I can hit a coyote from 300M and fold him like yesterday's newspaper. Now THAT'S gun control.

You think I need enlightenment.

If your enlightenment can't reach the top of a tall cottonwood, no thanks.

You wish I would die some horrible, painful death. (I've seen this one alot)

Anti-hunters like to call hunters "sick". If this kind of statement is "well", I prefer to stay sick.

You were just sitting at your Barnes & Noble last night, wearing your Dockers & Buster Brown's while sipping espresso & thought "I have my life so together that I think I can run other peoples lives better than they can.", as you picked tofu (made from organically grown soybeans) and trail mix from between your teeth.

As I sit here wearing my Carhartt's & combat boots, I think "How could anyone be so presumptuous?", as I pick that last bit of Bambi from between my teeth.

If you don't fall under any of these categories, please be patient, you opinion matters. No, really.

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Let me turn ya' on to some of the better places that i've found to talk dogs & hunting
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If you would like to chat with other hunters around the country, the following
are good places to go if you have a Java enabled browser:
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Here are a few links to some of my favorite sites that are not related to hunting:
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And, if you have any interest in the best basketball in the nation...


A friend of mine, in some twisted attempt at being a wise cracker, felt inspired to submit a facetious post on my message board.
In order to humiliate him to the best of my ability (as friends are wont to do), I have carved a special nitch for him in my web space. In this special place, he can writhe in cyber-agony for all eternity (well almost). I call this special place:

The House Of


Thanks for stopping by, come back soon!!