My Soapbox

This section is gonna be about stuff that I think

  • I think this background is pretty cool

  • I think I might use this section as my soapbox

  • I think im gonna spell like i talk,.... y not¿?, every1 else does!.. & YES when everyone else jumps off a bridge, Im Right there with them!

  • I think that all the world needs is Understanging!

  • I think people's lives sux cuz THEY LET THEM!

  • I think you cant save someone that dosent wanna be saved

  • I think Nothing is forever

  • I think once something is gone its gone Forever ...but i still wish it wasnt like that

  • I think Elvis has "left the building"

  • I think the government will NEVER tell us everything

  • think its because a lot of ppl couldnt handle the truth

  • I think Big Brother Sux

  • I think Im gonna think out loud for a while

  • I think real audio sound (.ra, .ram, .au or similar) Is a bad idea to use in your e-mail .....if ya wanna know why send me an e-mail (without .ra, etc..) & i'll tell ya

  • I think the upgrade for webtv wasn't all that!!!!

  • I thought nobody ever read this

  • I think there is other life out there, lets hope were not arrogant when we meet

  • I think everyone assumes you share their values & belief systems

  • I think Hillary Clinton has made a quiet deal with Bill to be cool for now, But when hes out of office, His butt is hers!!! U GO GIRL!!!

  • I think ppl love gossip so much because their lives are REALLY That boring!!!!

  • I think mean ppl Really do suck!!!

  • I think gangs & such are a good thing!... It groups all the ppl to Weak to stand on their own!

  • I also thing gang violence is a good thing too! Its population control, Let all the ignorant ppl kill themselves!!!

  • I think Janet Reno DID kill all those ppl in Waco... May whatever god she believes in have mercy on her soul

  • I think Churches should sell life insurance in addition to the "after life assurance" they already sell., because you cant prove that you dont need either one!


  • I think men who beat their women are the lowest form of life & deserve to lose ALL rights as a human... then they should be tortured & shot!! GO GO BOBBIT KNIFE!!!!!!!!

  • I think ppl who hate other ppl for petty reasons (such as color, religion, sex, etc..) Are Ignorant & Deserve to share the woman Beaters fate!!!!!

  • I think if you have to ask how much it is you cant afford it

  • I think SO MUCH sometimes,.. I scare myself

  • I think a lot about nothing at all

  • I think thats all for now  ;-)

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