Fun with E-mail

These are neat things to pass arround to your friends in e-mail, I made the first 2 (underlined ones) & the rest I found on the net.

I have lost my mind & am now insane!!! As of today, im gonna post every site like this that I recieve, I Strongly encourage you to send Every site to Everyone you know...except me ;-)

Water Balloon attack someone via e-mail

Send someone a Useless page

Let someone know they are a friend

It's a friendly virtual world

Slip someone the tongue

Send a ball of friendship

Spirit friends

Indian spirit blessing & hug

Busted for spendin too much time online

Send someone some understanding

Send someone a sunset

Let someone know their your cyber friend

Send someone a break

Friends Forever

Let a friend know you appreciate them

Go ahead, Let em know youll allways be there

If I call you a friend...

Send someone a Froggy hello

Send someone a Virtual Hug

The beauty of friendship

Send this hug to everyone you know

Ever had one of those days?

Let someone know they are on your Special list

Another way to let em know your a friend

Let a friend know you love them

Send your cyber friend a hug

Let someone know they are your Special Friend

Let someone know they are a blessing to you

What is a Friend? (1)

Heaven On-Line

Thanks to My Friend

Unseen Friends

Friends to the end

Boomerang of Friendship

thank you for these feelings

A Kiss from a rose

I Give to You

The New 10 Commandments

Let a friend know you Treasure them

Virtual Teddy bear

Catch a dream, my friend

From someone who adores you

May you Always feel Love

Virtual Bear Hug

Recipe for a Good Friendship

A Friend thats Allways There

What is a friend? (2)

Fate does exist

Missing You

Friendship (1)

Two strangers meet

Magic sprinkles to send

Good Morning

Box of Friendship

Special Friend

Another hug to send to your friends

A Cyber snuggle

I wish for you

Love via E-Mail

The Poem

Time to Believe

Friendship is a gift

A Pooch Smooch

Friends are forever

A hug for a monday

You are all this

Heart Prints

Sea of friends

Wonderful friend

Special friends

Friendship (2)

Star Friends

I care about You

Internet friendship


Yesterday & today

Promise you wont forget

The secret of friendship

Dance with chickens

A special hug for you

Yellow rose of friendship

ABCs offriendship

All chained up

Candle of love & Hope

Hello my friend

Grandpa's keys

White rose

Circle of friends

The love bug

Hugs to all

May you allways feel loved

Friendship & love on the net

A Little hug

Sending you my love

Flowers for a friend

A new you

No more tears

Never Forget

Special Angel

For you

I made a wish yesterday

Goochie Goochie!

Friendship :-)

If your happy

A friendship hug

Teddybear test

A warm fuzzy

Love message

Friendship is a blessing

A new you

A Teddy bear hug

Color of friendship

I have learned

I give to you

Real Friends

I Believe

Good luck angel

You are my friend

Got to hand it to you

Never let go

Touching Hearts

Everything we do..

The time of my life

A hug for friends around the world

Quins Wish

From You

Friends are forever

What makes a friend

To touch the heart

Touch someone

To my wonderful friends

Count your blessings

I found a friend

The greatest of these is Love

Something im gonna try

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