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Hi! These are some little Cyber Pets that I've adopted from various places. All of them were In need of A home, and there are lots more pets out there looking for you!!



Here is a little Pig I adopted!! Isn't he cute??

And Look! Here's Bob-Bee!

Here's Humpy the Camel...

Here's Dotty The Dino!

And here's a little Teddy Bear...

And a little mouse!

Oh, and we can't forget Snaker!

And here's my Turtle...

And here's a nice little bunny!

Aww! Look at my little Fawn!!

Glub Glub Glub! Here's Freddy the Fish!

Oh, and here's my little Guenie Pig!

Aww look at the Squirrel!!

Well, Sometimes even pickles need a home! Lol

ROAR!! Watch out for Roary!!

Here's A little Kitty!

And here's..uh..a Baby Frog!

Well, If you see any good Adopting sites, send me mail!!!