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This is Lindsay's Wonderful Winnie The Pooh Page!!

Hi! My name is Lindsay. This is my Homepage!! This is going to be a Winnie the Pooh page. I have had some reports on broken images. If you see any, please email me and tell me which ones are broken. AOL users have said there are none, but Netscape people say that the images that are saved with Capital letters are broken. If you are using NN, I would appreciate if you could email me and tell me which ones are broken, so I can rename them in lowercase letters. I have added lots of new pages on my site, and please take the time to view them. (Hey, I've worked hard!!!) Puuuh-leeeaasee Sign My Guestbook!!!!!Alwayz,


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Winnie The Pooh and Friends

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Winnie The Pooh's Wonderful Picture Page!

Map Of The 100 Akre Woods

How Winnie Got His "Winnie-Like" Name!

A Story About That Silly Ol' Bear

Hey! Lookee Here At All Of The Cyber Pets I've Adopted!!

Come Visit Winnie and The Gang On The 4th Of July!

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Look!! My Very First Award!!

Hey! Look! I Got Another Award!! Isn't that cool?