Marianne Carter
Fiddle, Bodhran, Guitar

Photos graciously provided by Don Shorock
taken at The Gatherin' of Celtic Tribes
Beltane Festival, April 30th, 2003

Marianne Carter, whom some will better recognize by her Renaissance Festival name "Matty Striker," is an accomplished musician on a variety of instruments. Aside from her solo work as a singer/songwriter, she has performed in many area groups, including the folk band "Full Circle." In addition to band recordings, she has released two solo CD's. Marianne received a grant to study traditional and contemporary French Celtic music in Brittany (northern France) during the summer of 2000. She has a studio in Lawrence where she gives lessons on violin, guitar and voice.

Doug Harvey
Cittern, Guitar, Mandolin, Tenor banjo, Whistles

Doug Harvey's musical life began with a rock and roll garage band in the early 1970s. The sound of the banjo and fiddle led him to the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas where he first heard the music of the Irish group "De Danann" and was smitten by the sound of Irish traditional music. In the mid-'90s, Doug's motivation to study Irish music was rejuvenated. He travelled to St. John's, Newfoundland, where he was infected by the sense of place and folk traditions of "The Rock." An excursion to France brought Doug into contact with Breton and French folk music, and an appearance on a French radio program helped boost his confidence. He has played Irish music almost exclusively since co-forming "Rowan" in 1997. Like Marianne, he performs at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.

Lance Zimmerman
Fiddle, Concertina

Lance Zimmerman - After establishing himself as a seasoned violinist playing in solo competition, orchestra, and string quartets, Lance was introduced to bluegrass fiddle in 1994. Inspired by the freedom and creativity gleaned from his early influences in traditional fiddle playing, such as The Chieftains, Natalie MacMaster, and Elke Baker, he began frequenting Celtic sessions in Wichita to hone his skills. There he met Doug and, in 1997, they joined others in establishing Rowan. His musical tastes have evolved to include artists such as Eileen Ivers and Boyd Tinsley of the Dave Matthews Band. He began playing concertina in 2002.

Larry Carter
Guitar, Piano, Low whistle, Melodica, Synthsizers, Bass
Larry Carter has performed in many bands over the last 20 years, playing rock, folk, jazz, and world music on numerous instruments. He has won the "Open" division at the Kansas Fiddling & Picking Contest three times playing baritone cittern, an instrument he designed, and has placed second on both mandolin and open-tuned guitar. Besides "Rowan," he performs solo improvisational piano, in the contemporary Celtic band Forest Green, and with Austin singer/songwriter Mark Gottschall. See his web site at www.LCarter.Com for details.

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