All are invited to sing spiritual chants from a variety of traditions
that celebrate love, harmony and beauty
while empowering us to honor the earth and our connections with each other.

Chanting By Lamplight has been suspended for the time being.

HOWEVER - Here is the chant video I did for the online version of Dragonfest in Colorado this August. It is for a pagan festival, so the first 1/3 consists of a medley of well-known pagan chants - Oh Great Spirit, Earth My Body, Green Man Chant, We All Come From the Goddess, She's Been Waiting, and Goddess Chant.

The remaining 2/3 of the video are selections from my original chants that are more pagan oriented - Oh My Soul, The Gratitude Chant, Blessed Be Gaia, I See the Sun (The Sun Sees Me), Praise to the Mother, and Today.

Come sing along if you want to be
Friends with my friend and friends with me.

Chanting Video
(If that doesn't work, go to and put WcFf3UdoKN8 in the search window)

Larry -

Also check out Dances of Universal Peace with local Sufis for a chanting-while-dancing experience. Here is their Facebook page.

And check out the sweet kirtan (Hindu) festival Gopi Sandal and I produce each year with chanting, yoga, workshops and a delicious Indian feast- Lawrence Bhakti Festival.

Blessing abound!

Larry Carter, Lawrence Old Guard Productions

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