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Krista's Gifs

This is a selection of images that I have collected from the web please feel free to take one that you like. There is no obligation though a link to my page would always be nice.if you see an image here and it comes from your site please get in touch and let me know and I will put in a link and a dedication to you.

To copy an image merely right click on your mouse and select 'save picture as' then add it to your directory.

For convenience I have split the images into two groups Animated and Non-Animated.

None of these images were made by me and their purpose is purely for entertainment and personal pleasure.......Love Krista xxx

Animated Gifs

keyholesmall.gif garfield.gif cartmanprobe.gif
snowman.gif pantwht.gif flypigWHT.gif penguindanceWHT.gif
miss36.gif blobs.gif marsloop.gif amichan.gif
gatora1.gif tat.gif kittysma2.gif
comp38.gif run.gif bugs.gif
pooh43.gif factlogo.gif angelfly.gif smile12.gif

Non-Animated Gifs

teddy.gif Pooh.jpg teletubbies1.gif 1.gif
dollar1.gif k62.gif pipo.gif
rai.gif puku.gif seel.gif yado.gif wrai.gif
squir.gif wpika.gif wchar.gif wjiggle.gif wvulpix.gif
firehat1.gif pooh.gif plane1.gif teddy1.gif

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-Helen Keller

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