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Krista's Heroines

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What other woman in the world can juggle such a hectic and varied social lifestyle, partake in as many sports, travel the globe and still maintain a long term monogamous relationship with Ken, its got to be Barbie!
Japan has been the source of many engaging cartoon characters but none more alluring than Sailor Moon the warrior schoolgirl and her friends. One of the very best animated adventures ever made.
My dad says Mariah Carey's a Goddess and that her mom and dad must be as proud of her as mine are of me, he's kinda sweet sometimes my dad. There are a few links on my site to Mariah Carey pages but clicking on this magazine cover takes you to the official Mariah Carey website, check it out.....
Hello Kitty was born on November 1st and she lives in London, England with her parents and her twin sister, Mimi. These third graders have lots of friends at school with whom they share many adventures. Most often itís Hello Kitty who leads the group, and usually they all end up learning an important lesson in the process. Her hobbies include travelling, music, reading, eating yummy cookies her sister Mimi bakes, and best of all making new friends. After all, as Hello Kitty always says, you can never have too many friends.
No longer Sable but just plain old Rena, the wrestling ring just won't be the same without her anymore. Vince Mc Mahon you've got a lot to answer for. I guess I'd better get down the gym now that there's a vacancy going at the WWF! Take a look at her new website to see what she's doing now it's really cool!
So you're telling me that some shy, pimply, shortsighted computer nerd probably wearing a Def Leppard T-shirt and armed only with a silicon graphics workstation decided to sit down and create the perfect woman! Well he did, and here she is, Lara Croft.
Monica Lewinsky one of the few women in history to be famous for what she did and what she didn't do both at the same time. She's also famous for what they said she did, what she said she didn't do, where she is supposed to have done it, why she did what she did and how many times she did it!
Take 5 ordinary looking girls, mix in some bland popular music, add a dash of humour and just a pinch of video wizardry and what have you got? I'm not sure but it probably looks a lot like the Spice Girls.
She impresses me a lot! Shania Twain, very beautiful, very sexy, Absolutely my dad's favourite woman (well, till the next one comes along anyway!)
Talking of the next one here she is the awesome Jennifer Lopez, if you're not in love with her then you're not a man my dad says, well thankfully I'm not and i don't but I do love him though , well just a little anyway...
More super than any super model, Princess Diana, simply the best, gone but not forgotten.

I dream of beauty that transcends time
in a world that knows nothing else
where all is clean and pure and good
and all mankind is willing to help one another
where discovery is a way of life
and there is no fear of failure
where God is a very personal thing that is real to everyone
I dream of a time that has no pain
and where there is no despair
where love has a constant meaning that keeps people together forever
I dream that all of this could someday be true
and I pray that I will share it all with you.

-Johnnie Rosenauer

Somebody sent this to my dad as an e-mail greeting card and he loved it so much I let him put it on my website,kinda cool isn't it?