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If you want one of these backgrounds or ANY background you like on the web TRANSLUCENT(muted), please e-mail the ADDY of the background and I will make it translucent for you

Water Bead Droplets

White Lace

Pink clouds

Shimmering pool water

Multi-colored swirl

Pastel burst


Pink sateen design

Pastel tie-dye

Blue daisy design

Angel Baby

Butterfly Fairies


Assorted butterflies

Dark purple satin

Pink satin

Light blue satin

Sailormoon logo

Blue silk

Infrared clouds

Beautiful Angels

Another Sailormoon

Sailormoon water castle


Regular Clouds

Pastel marbelized design

Pastel Geometric

Fiery flames

Spider web

White satin

Blue satin

Sun shining through clouds

Sunny forest trees

Red starry

Green Ivy

Orange butterflies

Sailormoon trinkets border backgrounds

Sailormoon trinkets


Purple cross

Purple fairy

Teal fairy

Another purple cross

Blue sparkle

Fiery bubbles

Purple stars

Blue disturbance

Blue star

Purple bubbles design
More backgrounds added as of April 8th, 1999

Furry leopard
Vertical rainbow
Orange, pink, purple rainbow
Squiggle horizontal rainbow
Squiggle vertical rainbow
Purple & blue vertical squiggle
Pretty pastel squiggles
Hawaii flowers design
Pink/red hawaiian flowers
Fantasy house
Cool purple cosmo design
Rose lace
Purple lace
Pink swirl
Dark pink pearl swirl
Purple light forest
Pink light forest
Pink waxed swirl
Blue cosmo
Rainbow swirlies
White unicorn
Ice crystals
Pretty ocean
Black and white fairy
Perfect clouds
Fairy border bg
Fuschia satin
Angel wing heads
Angel trinkets
Black roses
Angel with harp
Border angel
Clouds and angels
Translucent fairy
Chibi border bg
Translucent fairies
Pretty light blue clouds
Translucent baby fairy
Blue chinese flower border bg
Purple clouds
Purple and gold fairies
Purple spiral cosmo
Pretty space cosmos
Many butterflies on black
Blue spiral
Pretty daisies
Starlet space
Rose bubbles
Another angel one
Liquid psychedelic design
Another simple space one
Delia*s stars
Translucent butterfly and clouds
Another psychedelic one
Water fairy
Pink & blue bright design
Realistic pool water
Blue swirls
Purple scallop design
Black butterflies on hot pink
Translucent bright butterflies
Aqua bubbles
Rainbow swirl
Purple & blue design
Purple starburst
Pink starburst
Rainbow butterflies
Pink fairy
Backgrounds added as of June 12, 199 Violet unicorns
Pink diamond design
Light faded rainbow
Nature woman
Bubble castle
Cloudy stars
Rainbow blue
Gold unicorn border
Unicorn castle in the sky
Blue stars
Chinese floral design
Purple clouds
Pink satin
Pink silk
Dark pink swirls
Light calico swirls
Darker calico swirls
Pink line design
Neat pink/blue design
A pink background
Another pink background
Light red swirls
White star/cosmos
Fairy on pink
Fairy on green
Flower power
Fairy dream border
Butterfly fairy border
Green design
Kaleidescope design
Teal design
Cute angels
Blue stars
Embossed fairy border
Blue diamond design
Sweet angels
Green swirl
Pretty unicorn
Cloudy purple rainbow
Blue fantasy
Red Roses
Fairy border
Blue butterflies
Butterfly roses
Butterfly lace
Bubbles on black
Sand glitter
Color stars
Colored stars
Trippy looking
Peace signs
Light daisies
Light pink clouds
Pastel rainbow
Pink tile
Another rose
White rose
Pink satin I
Light blue satin
Gold angel
Black red star design
Glory angels
Blue puffy satin
Pink puffy satin
Blue liquid satin
Pink liquid satin
Butteflies on brown
Brown swirl
Pink swirl
Red swirl silk
Golden swirl
Blue swirl
Butterfly on black
Flame swirls
Orange angels
Pretty light pink satin
Angel clouds
Dark pink calico
Rainbow clouds
Moon/Sun emboss
Pastel Bubbles
Baby angel
Silvery beige satin

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