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Member CÚleste perrino Walker

CÚleste perrino Walker's Books

Banza's Incredible Journey: Pacific Press, 1995. Available at for $7.84.

Jenny's Cat-napped Cat (The Showbox Kids) : Pacific Press, 1996. Angry at the owner of a dog who has chased her cat away, Jenny tries to track down her missing pet and, with the help of praying to Jesus, learns about forgiveness. Available at for $4.79.

Playing God: Pacific Press, 1994. A story of misguided zeal. Available at for $10.95.

Prayer Warriors: Pacific Press, 1997. Prayer Warriors will open your eyes to the struggles going on in the lives of seemingly ordinary people dealing with painful realities. But more than that, it will raise the curtain on the struggle behind the scenes, where angels and demons fight for the eternal destiny of each human. In every case, angels stand ready to protect the children of God. But it is not the might of God's angels that turns the tide against the plans of the demons. That power comes when the hands of a warrior are folded in prayer. Available at for $12.99.

Guardians: Pacific Press, 1997. The compelling sequel to Prayer Warriors.

Co-written with Eric D. Stoffle:

Eleventh Hour: Pacific Press. Sinister forces plot to take over the U. S. government in the name of God. Will they succeed?

Sunny Side Up: Review & Herald Publishing, 1998. A Jr. Devotional

Books contributed to:

A Moment of Peace

Close to Home

From the Heart

Guide's Greatest Stories

Secret Keys

Upcoming Books:

Let's Celebrate the Sabbath

I Call Him Abba

Reveillon (the first of a three book series)

Midnight, the sequel to Eleventh Hour with Eric Stoffle

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