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WELCOME and hold on tight! You are about to enter the depths of my imagination and explore the strange new links of my interest areas. So, top off your beverage of choice, plug in a CD and lets seek out new life and new civilizations.

Beware: I'm a Sagitarian. I am highly allergic to social norms and being in a rut. I tend to be spontaneous but my very humane, social, and fun loving traits seem to save me from doing any real harm and help me come out of some pretty tight situations without a scratch (much to the awe of my friends). Iím heavily into the three Rís: Reading, wRiting, and Rock ĎN Roll.

My most avid research interest at the present is exploring New Age and New Civilization areas. Although I would like to think I am traveling my soulís path with confidence and certainty, nothing is further from the truth. Right now, I am enjoying the exploration phase and venturing down many paths collecting bits here and there that will someday make for the foundation of my soul purpose. Eventually I hope to live in an intentional community.


...except my dream is painted not in black and white but in every color and uses positive space to create energy. I dream that people act humane. That instead of the media sowing seeds of violence and material success in the public minds that it kindle the spark in people's hearts and nurture interpersonal rewards rather than material rewards. I dream we stop stabbing people in the back to climb over them and instead build a pyramid of people to reach new heights on a solid foundation. I dream that we stop tearing people down to be below us and instead nurture their strengths so they can contribute their gift to society.

I know what you are thinking, "nice talk but can you walk the walk?" Let me tell you my trick. I do a little each day to make the dream a reality. So even if the masses don't change or catch on, at least I know I have no guilt and feel good about what I do. For instance, I lead a youth program targeting at-risk girls. I send the media "good news leads" when I see them. And, I point out to my friends the manipulation tactics used in marketing plans of material goods. And most importantly, on a daily basis I look at the good in people and encourage them to use their gift in positive ways.

MY PHILOSOPHY ON LIFE: To me people, life, earth is all about evolving. I see a longer picture. This not only helps me do these things, but also reduces everyday stress. It also brings more happiness and organization to my life than the material rewards ever did.

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