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Miscellaneous Art


Stuff I Made



Why didn't anyone tell me I got so carried away with Paint shop?! I butcher my own art! I blame Meg. She should've stopped me






Chick sittin in da grass (Yet another travesty to blame on Meg. She really should've stopped me.)

I never really liked this one but everyone else did so its here. I still dunno why *scritches head* Izzit the arm? I like her arm I think. Oh wait no, the arm sucks. I like her left leg.




Mon Ange (toooo bright and obnoxious! what was I thinking?!?! =>.<=)

My dumb angel thing....the original looks waaaaay better. I really should stop murdering my work in paintshop.





Freaky Me (um...*cough*)

This is why people like me should not be allowed to touch digital cameras or

paintshop after 4 a.m.


Anyways, that was boring. Lets go back to that other place with the thingies.