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Beauty and the Beast, Sappy Romance Novel Style

By Kiara

Would the the Beast really like a normal modern Beauty?

Would a normal modern Beauty put up with the Beast's stupidity?


Rated NC-17 for language and eventual hot and steamy romance novelly sex scenes




By Kiara

A vampire story of my own strange devising

that will be readable soon enough.

Just a little more editing and I leave it here

for people to not read, k?


Rated NC-17 for language, gory violence, sex with m/f, and m/m, and m/f/m,

and f/m/f, and any other way you can have kinky vampire sex. Yes, I am depraved!

Why do you ask? =^.^=



By Kiara and her bestest buddy ever, Meg!

Coming soon!

Another Vampire series of epic(meaning really

long and complicated)




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