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Kiara Pictures

(Click on the titles to see larger versions)

What, you may ask, is Kiara? Is she an elf? A gargoyle? A human? Good question. She is whatever the hell I feel like drawing. To tell you the truth I just draw randomly and slap names and color schemes on the results.


Kiara, the Sniveling Baby

Well when I drew this I kept seeing pictures of Rogue online and I was also depressed so I combined angst and inspiration. I love her wrist glove thingies.





This was sketched in summer school during my cheerfull multiple personality mode. I had just chopped my hair and thought lil miss Kiara should share my masochism. I meant to color it in Paintshop but never got around to it, being as I'm a lazy ass bum





Anime Kiara Elf Thing(Miniclan coffee.....guaranteed to make you nuts...or give you of those...)

Um....Its old and its a picture. Meg seems to like it. *scratches head* Thats about it. Actually I think this just might be the first pic of Kiara to turn out presentably.







I think I like version Two better than version One

(I shudder. really I do...)- I used to think this was good. I also used to think that my stuffed animals would come alive if I begged them enough. I should be banned from all art programs. They make me a murderer of sketches.









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