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Fairy and Elfy Things

(Click on the titles for larger versions)

My required Fairy/faery/faerie (Well every artist should draw at least one shouldn't they?)

I think I drew it in the final month of high school. I think its the only presentable thing in that whole damn sketch book. Oh the well.













Bitchy Elf (She does NOT look like Meg I tell you!!!! YOU DIE! =>.<=)

Well she does look like a bitch don't she? I think of this particular character as Bitchy Elf simply cause she always looks pissy and I'm too lazy to name her.









Elven Barmaid (Why're her boobies so big? *blink*)

I hate the lame attempt at a background. It just plain sucks. Oh well. During the last month of High School I was deep into Andre Norton's Elvenbane books and was feeling elfy.








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