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Harry Kewell interview from LLL magazine!

1st ELEVEN From Leeds Leeds Leeds Magazine,
This Month the supremely talented Harry Kewell, Voted LLL's best looking player of 98/99.

1. What was the first team you played for? What position did you play?
It Was Smithfield Hotspurs in Australia. I played left Midfield.

2. What was your first pair of boots?
Puma. Size...I have no Idea. I've still got them, though, my mum kept them.

3. What was the first goal you remember scoring?
I can't remember the first one but I always scored a few. I remember I once scored one from halfway. The
ball came rolling back to me and I just launched it. There was a little chubby keeper in goal
and it just bounced in front of him and he couldn't jump up to get it. I remember that! Would I get
told off if I tried it in a match? No, I don't think so. If it's on, it's on. I remember my first hat-trick was for
the youth team versus Rotherham (December 7, 1996).

4. When was the first time you thought you would make it as a professional?
I've always wanted to do it. Always wanted to be a pro footballer.

5. What was your first game for Leeds United?
My first game for the youth team was aginst Sunderland up at their place. My first in the senior team was
against Middleborough.

6. Which teams results do you look for first?
After a game on saturday? the teams on top of us - Chelsea, last season.

7. Whose name would be the first on your premiership team sheet?
Have I got to pick 11? Phes. Good question. I would probably say Ginols. He's got everything. I think hes
brilliant. He's got a lot more than I've got. He's got both feet. No one knows which way he's going to
go - I don't think he does sometimes. it's just brilliant to watch him play. He's such an entertainer.
And the goals he scores...Do I ever think about what i'm doing as entertainment? No you can't, it just
comes naturally. How fast you go or how slow you go. You just do whatever comes into your mind.

8. Whats the first thing you do on a matchday - at home or the ground?
Go to the masseur and get a rub.

9. Who's the first player you'd chose to play alongside?
Can I pick anyone? Marco Van Basten.

10. What was the first thing the manager said to you this week?

11. What was the first album you bought?
Probably...Er, I'm trying to think of a good one here! I've got loads at home but I honestly can't remember
the first one I bought. (LLL foolishly owns up to one by Gary Glitter) Yeah, you've told me yours
but that doesn't mean I'm going to tell you mine! 12. What was the first concert/club you went to?
The only one I've ever benn to was to see Nicky Byrne's (Ex-Leeds Goalie) band, Westlife. he toured
with Boyzone so he got us tickets for them.

13. What was your first car?
Hyundai, Yes, that was over here.

14. What was the fist good film you saw?
Rocky, with Sylvester Stallone.

15. Who was your first footballing hero?
Easy, Marco Van Basten.

16. What's the first thing you'd eat given the choice?
Steak, every time.

17. What's the first thing you do on a day off?
Sleep. As long as possible.

18. Whats the first thing you do when the manager yells your name?
Ignore him! (Giggles) No, I turn round and see what he wants. eddie shouts at me a lot. But I don't mind that,
it's mostly encouragement. He played in the same position as I'm playing now and he was very good at it.
He knows exactly what needs to be done to be best in that position. You just keep learning. That's
probably one of the most important things, To keep learning, all the time. If you ever stop learning then
how are you going to improve yourself?

19. What, other than family, is the first thing you'd save in the event of a fire?
Um...Maybe my wallet! No, it'd be my car keys.I'd definitely save my car keys.

20. Who's the last person you want to find out your playing against?
I don't really care. It's hard to say because it's all down to how you play on the day. When I played
against Gary Neville here I beat him, but when we played at Old Trafford he beat me most of the time.
But I'm not worried about anyone. I'd rather play against the worlds best defence. LLL

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