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Dawson's Creek video clips

I know this is realy out-dated. I'll get it up to date as soon as possible

This is Kevin Williamson's first television project.Its about seven kids in the small town of Cape Side.

First of all theres the main/title charictor Dawson Leary.Hes a movie buff with a dream of becoming a writter/director.

Then theres Joey Potter. she's the girl next door / manic depressive type.She has been in love with Dawson for her whole life and finally after Fifteen years its getting acknowledged.She is one of the most intresting charictors on the show.

Then theres Jenn she's the ex-bad girl from NewYork who has kind of turned over a new leaf.Im not sure yet its going back and forth right now.I'll let you know at the end of the season.

Next you have Pacey Witter.He's your average American teenager filled with sarcasim and HORMOANS.He is Dawson's best friend.Pacey had an afair with one of his teachers in the first season.That relationship had a pretty nasty ending.

Okay now that completes the gang from the first season.Now meet the new kids on the block.

Abbie Morgan.She's the snobby type of girl that everyone hates.Abbie was in a few episodes of the first season but she is now a regular.

The absalute new girl is Andie Mcfee.She is another one of Cape Side's good girls.She has found love in no other than Pacey Witter.Andie and her brother.....

Jack have a sob story past.There brother died in a car wreck and their mother has a problem with not realizing that her oldest son is dead.Jack has fallen for Joey and has a chance at getting young Mrs.Potter.

And thats the charictor's of Dawson's Creek.

If you want better detail on the show watch it for your self.

You'll thank me later.