Welcome to Vishwanath Kanagal's Home Page
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Welcome to Vishwanath Kanagal's Home Page

Kanagal's Home Page...under construction!

Homepage perpetually under construction!

Welcome to the cyber-residence of Vishwanath Kanagal

Getting Personal Information

Swagatham! Let me first tell you about myself. I came to USA through PeopleSoft Implementation Partners here at NY. I got my Master's in Computer Applications from MCE, Hassan and my B.Sc from Sheshadripuram College, Bangalore. Click here for a short synopsis of my work experience and projects executed/implemented.

The Info-Links Section

  1. Browsing/Perusing/Reference
  2. Free Fax around world
  3. Sports
  4. Brain Teasers
  5. Puzzles, Games, and such...
  6. The Idiot-Box
  7. The Weather Forecast
  8. Music
  9. Pictures
  10. Movies
  11. Going Places
  12. Job Hunting
  13. Academia
  14. Hacking Tools
  15. The Funky Stuff

Watch for more developments!

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