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Basic Tips When your Negative

One of you will be the 1NC, which stands for "first negative constructive". The other person will be the 2NC. Generally, whoever is the 1NC will also do the 1NR, which stands for "first negative rebuttal". The 2NC person will do the second negative rebuttal. In the negative constructive speeches, the negative team will attack the affirmative case by reading disadvantages, attacking the different voting issues of the plan, using newer contradictory evidence, or bringing up topicality and justification attacks. You must be prepared for any case under the sun because you never know what bizarre case will come along. Always remember you only need to disprove one stock issue to win the round and as the negative you don't technically need evidence to prove all your arguments(though it doesn't hurt) since the burden of proof is the affirmative's problem not yours.