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Basic Tips when your Affirmative

When you and your partner are affirmative

One of you, the one who will be reading the case in the round, will be the 1AC, which stands for "first affirmative constructive". The other person will be the 2AC. The 2AC responds to arguments that were presented by the negative team in the 1NC, and defends the affirmative case. When you and your partner are affirmative, the lAC will present the first speech of the round, which will be reading the affirmative case. Usually, whoever is the 1AC will also do the 1AR speech, which stands for "first affirmative rebuttal". The 2AC will generally do the second affirmative rebuttal. The 1AC should be the person who does better having a prepared speech since part of the 2AC speech will be improvised to fix any holes that the negative team made. You probably have an easier job as affirmative then negative since you should already be prepared for speech and that the topic is so broad this year. Remember its you and your partner's job to convince the judge that there desperately needs to be a change in policy.