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Basic Fiat

No doubt you keep hearing something called obtuse debate term called fiat. It actually is very simple concept(as long as you don't try using advance versions). The power of the affirmative team is to assume that the plan will be enacted. The affirmative team does not have to prove that the plan would be adopted only that it should be. That's Fiat power.

How to Use Fiat

Fiat gives the affirmative team the power to overcome any implementation barriers. The judge must assume the plan will be pass. Now this is not an absolute power. If you abuse it the other team will hurt you. See the next section.

Abuse of Fiat

Some team may try to abuse fiat power. Remember that fiat only assumes that a plan will be adopted but it does not erase solvency or disadvantages. Some examples include:

Responding To Fiat Abuse

Remain calm and never make fun of them where the judge can see you. Remember, at one time you didn't understand fiat power either or you wouldnít need to read this. A response might look like the following: We admire the ďimaginativeĒ use of fiat power by the affirmative. However, fiat does not erase the planís solvency problems. Fiat only allows us to assume that their plan will be adopted if they can prove that it should be adopted. Therefore the affirmative argument falls.