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Introduction To CX Debate

Cross-Examination (CX) or Policy Debate is probably what comes to the minds of many people when they think of debate. It is very similar to Lincoln Douglas in it's structure and purpose, however, rather than debate over values, CX is a debate over policy. Instead of a one-on-one duel, CX is performed between teams of two, each taking turns at the stand, asking questions, reading evidence, and using forensic skill to convince the judge.Now this is my second year of debating so I know how confusing this is. I still don't know what half the stuff means myself but I hope this intro gives you good basic tips to work on. Please remember these are not concrete rules for debate just guidelines to help on your way. If you have any trouble with the terms and debate jargon just look them up here. The subject (called a "resolution") for CX changes only once a year.

This year's subject is: : That the federal government should establish an education policy to significantly increase academic achievement in secondary schools in the United States.

Table of Contents

How a round is supposed to go

The Stock Issues

Researching Tips

How to write an Affirmative Case

Tips on writing your Case

Cross-Examination Tips

Basic tips on being Affirmative

Basic tips on being Negative

What makes good evidence?

Adapting to Judges

Things other than your Speech that Judges Vote On.

How to Write and Respond to Disadvantages

Topicality Violations

What is a Kritik

What is Fiat

Squirrel Strategy

Can new arguments be used in the 2NC?