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Topicality Violation Example

This is not a good example but it is a free one. Do not use this in a round unless the other team is really bad.

Topicality: A

A. Definitions:

  1. 1. a - The American College Dictionary - one: i.e. two of a kind, a thousand
  2. 2. several - Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary - more than one

B. Standards:

  1. 1. Limits - the resolution is so broad that the scope must be narrowed to provide the best debate
  2. 2. The affirmative must meet the resolution in its entirety

    C. Violation:

    The affirmative has presented two or more policies within their plan. The resolution specifies that the affirmative should establish "a policy" or "one policy". Since the affirmative has established "several policies", they have not met the resolution and are therefore NON-TOPICAL

    D. Topicality is a voting issue