Some men have mastered the special knack with woman. These men need not be good looking or have billions or drive fancy cars, these are day to day average guys that have woman flocking to them. These men have isolated the issues that woman are concerned about. Below lie the secrets


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Making Love


Many men have been reared on "porn movies, and believe what a woman wants is a sweaty pump and plenty groaning to the "end"....(We are not talking about LUST situations here, where both partners are "inlust", that is a complete different issue) If that is your way of are WRONG....You need to train the eager penis to take things at slow pace....Make use of phrases while intimate such as "I want to feel myself in you".... "I want this to last forever"....Spend as much time as possible on foreplay....Once you enter her try to at least force yourself not to jerk your hips as if you are having an epileptic fit....Instead, vary the movements with slow deep thrusts, and slow shallow thrusts, or even go for the clitoral grind (the figure 8 actions). Tell her how good she feels.



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Crisis Situations  

At times when your woman becomes depresses you may feel compelled to tell here where she is going wrong....where she messed up in the first place....and what she should be doing instead....What you don't realise is that she does not want your verbal opinion on a subject you know very little about such as the internal politics of her workplace or her troublesome ovaries. To make her believe you understand, simply listen without speaking....unless specifically asked for advise....You may even nod every now and then encouragingly, even make a few sounds of sympathy....if you are not sure how to do her close female friends to discover how to make "convincingly supportive silent faces" Remember, no matter how powerful and logical your arguments are....she does not want to hear them.


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Celebrate silly occasions, woman tend to set great value on anniversaries . Obviously you need to remember her birthday....but woman remember things like "your first kiss"....most of you will not remember it....I will leave that up to you to find out the details, you can do some subtle fishing in advance to persuade her to reveal the date....she would like you to remember the first time you said "I love you" to her....DON'T try to attempt to organise a celebration about the first time you got her to go "down" on you for example...celebrations must be romantic in nature....When the day arrives that you "remembered" give her a card with the words "thank you " on it...or "love you" etc....she will melt in your arms like an ice-lolly under a hairdryer....

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 Woman love and need to feel spiritual with their partners....So, convincing her that your minds can communicate with phrases such as "about to say the exact same thing" when she says something at random or unpredictable...Or use what knowledge you know of her character and adapt them to her current "mood"....and then gently tell her what you think she is thinking at that moment....Yes, while all this seems so frivolous....if you do not use these lose is just the way it is...Woman accept that men are just the way they are, and you need to do the same for woman without scorn or ridicule or questioning it....just because men behave and think a little different on some issues....and woman think and feel different on different issues. What it all comes down to...we both need the same, acceptance, respect and sex. We just need to go about it in different ways....our ways of achieving these fun, wonderful gifts from the opposite sex what we need to do is "give in " a little.... and what we don't understand....pretend to...for peace sake...(and of course the good stuff)

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 You may be perfectly happy with a 100 watt glare illuminating all the "activity"....but to your partner, lighting sets the creates it or destroys it....Her "mood" can be altered by a neon light, and a soft glowing candle....You may not see way you need to try to imitate a 17th century peasants outhouse....but she will appreciate your romantic gesture....there is never a wrong occasion to light a candle....You can also run a bath for her and fill it with scented will lead her to believe that you understand what it is like to be a stressed woman, and she will be grateful for your "kindness and insight"


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Non-erotic areas  

Woman frequently complain that partners can't cuddle without expecting sex....While you hope that the slightest touch to her hand will fill her with lust and have her jumping on you like a sex crazed serves your interest better to convince her that you merely seek true intimacy. SO...while watching the telly together, take her hand as if it is a precious jewel. Yes, she will stiffen expecting it to be placed on your crotch....Reassure her by keeping your eyes fixed on the screen and continue the stroking in a rhythmic pattern. Run your fingers over the back of her hand, playing idly with each finger for example. She will be convinced that you cherish her nearness and have no ulterior motives....THEN when you finally initiate sex....she will assume it is not just boredom or lust, but a true desire to be intimate.....


 While woman appreciates your continuing attraction to her while you are apart, you telephone manner can leave much to be desired. When she is at work, a simple exchange of information's is about as erotic as it gets....and even when at home....attempts at "phone sex involving you blurting out "what colour panties are you wearing" like a sex - line - call....won't do....Woman prefer written endearments to spoken obscenities....Try to email her....impress her by your mastery....Use it to contact her the way the Victorians wrote those long love yearning letters.... You can write your message perfectly either loving sweetly or with erotic longing....Either way the format leads itself to a more convincing statement off sexual affection than you shouting "now squeeze your nipples" into a speaker phone as she attempts to start a meeting....(Think about adding a romantic poem as well) Thee and thine stuff does wonders....check my poem page or surf the net for great romantic quotes and poetry....Also look on my romantic page for loads of animated romantic gifs you can copy and send with the email....Romantic animated banners

Eyes and Bedtime

 Although you may prefer to be in your own little world, with your eyes shut, so you can project the face of her best friend onto your girlfriends body, she prefers it when she "knows" you are "involved"....INTIMACY is a big deal to keep a suitable expression fixed to your face, and look no where but into her eyes while you touch or caress her....she does not want you peering intently at her genitals like Jacques Cousteau examining a giant squid....

On page two of relationships we will discuss topics such as taking control, remembering what she wore, developing an awe filled gaze etc... Yeah yeah!!