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Photo Album - page 2

Welcome to page two of my photo album.

Klineline Lucy Lastic with Flactem (1CC, 1RCC)

This is Klineline Lucy Lastic with Flactem. She was one of a litter of five (3 dogs and 2 bitches) born on the 24/07/1998 to Grovelyn Bron-Yr-Eur out of Sire: Flactem Twice Purple (owned by Mr & Mrs R & S Hughes) and bred by Mrs Audrey Metcalfe (Flactem).
She has been doing exceptionally well since she began her showing career and I am very proud to have bred her.
Her most notable placings at Championship shows so far have been as follows

Ladies kennel Association (LKA)- 2nd Open bitch - Mrs A M Cawthera (Lireva)


Birmingham national Dog Show - 2nd Limit Bitch - Mrs B Ground
Scottish kennel Club (May) - 4th Open Bitch -Mrs Joyce W Mann
Blackpool - 2nd Limit Bitch - Mr E M Paterson
South Wales -1st Limit Bitch - Mrs Glynis Bradbury (wychlea)
Leeds - Best of Breed, best Bitch, 1st Limit bitch - mrs E Dickinson (Terendak)
Bournemouth - 1st limit bitch - mrs C Coxall
Welsh kennel Club - VHC open bitch - Mrs M Everton


W.E.L.K.S - 2nd open bitch - Mrs P Beard
Birmingham National - Bitch CC, 1st open bitch - Mr R W J Thomas (Squirreldene)
Scottish kennel Club (may) - 2nd open bitch - Miss M Deats (Aradet)
Blackpool - reserve bitch CC, 1st open bitch - Mr F Kane

Let's hope she can get her final two CC's to make her up to a champion!