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German Spitz Photo Album.

You may have seen the picture of my little klein bitch with her pups on the homepage.Her name is Grovelyn Bron-yr-eur or Bronia. She had her litter on the 24/07/98 and they are now 16 months old, have been to their first Championship shows and have done very well so far. All three (plus mum) have qualified to go to CRUFTS 2000. Bronia , however, is unlikely to be there as she is expecting to become a mum at the beginning of December 1999 and will not be in full coat for Crufts. I have included an up to date photo below of Klineline Chocofrolic with his mum. I hope to add to this with a couple of photographs which were professionally taken a few weeks ago so please return to see them soon.

Grovelyn Bron-yr-eur

This photo was taken in May 99

You may like to see her 'Hubby' Flactem Twice Purple. He is the father of the pups and is a Ch Zanarra Shimmering Gold at Grovelyn Grandson. He has qualified for Crufts 1999 along with Bronia. Bronia has qualified for Crufts every year since she was old enough to be shown and was given a 2nd place in Special Junior at Crufts 1997 under breed judge Mrs. Wendy Boorer (Furstin).
Faldor Red Fox at Darleair x Charlie's Fancy at Trueguard

This is a picture of my very first German spitz. His name is Fritz (at home) although his show name is 'Teutonic Prince' and he is my fave although I hate to say it in front of my others. Together,we began at the beginning and learnt all about the UK showing scene and his training as we went along. He really loves showing.
Rikarlo Humdinger x Lireva's Elli

This is a picture of Klineline Chocofrolic ( Fudge) with his mum. So far he's been very successful in the showring. He's 9 months on this picture.

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