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Care of your German Spitz.

Caring for you German spitz is not as time consuming as you may think.


German spitz, whilst enjoying the variety that walks outside of their home environment give them, do not need to be taken miles in order to keep them fit. A good sized garden will give them equally as much exercise. The opportunity to socialise with other dogs and people and to get used to sounds and smells is important in order to raise a healthy and sociably acceptable companion and so as soon as possible you should begin to familiarise your puppy with as many new and varied environments as possible. I personally used to take a small walk everyday with my own puppies in my arms (before their injections)so that they could see and hear traffic, people, other dogs, children etc. The first 12 weeks are when puppies learn the most easily. They are like small fluffy sponges - ready to absorb everything with natural curiosity.

Once they were able to be walked without risk of catching disease (after inocculations) they were allowed to wobble along in whatever direction they wished to go, with me following, so that they could explore and get used to the collar and lead. Prior to this stage they had all worn a small cat collar in the house ( the kind with elastic in it) to get used to wearing something around their necks and once used to that they had a small light lead attached to the collar which they trailed around behind them for a few minutes a day gradually building upto my picking it up and following them around in the house. This got them used to having something that occasionally resisted their movements but never halted them in their tracks. They very quickly accepted it which made puppy walks a lot easier.

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