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The Fox Hunt

welcome to the fox hunt


Hello everyone. Thanks for stopping in. Sit down, take your shoes off and relax (please keep all other apparel on) Well... just make yourself comfortable*ewg* I hope you enjoy your visit with me. My favorite pastime seems to be chatting and meeting new people. I really enjoy learning html and working on my page. I have been on the net since mid Feb. 97. I have made some dear friends and met a lot of interesting people. Hey Krazy(KISS)..... Hi Steve from beerhunters, you got me started on those awards.*L*....... How ya doing Rage?..... Hi Scarlet Wolf, you are a dear friend. *S* Hiya Rowdy Peter StriPPit, you are a nut.*S*..... I would also like to thank David from angelfire for making some of my images. Thanks! He is linked on my webhelp pages. Last but not least shadow dancer, Come dance with me in the moonlight.(soft kisses)

I'm from Kansas. In the summer I spend as much time as possible outdoors, tanning, swimming, camping, boating and working in my flower garden.

Now in the winter I usually curl up with Krazy or a good book. book Two of my favorite authors are Terry Goodkind and Dean Koontz.

More about me.... I'm married to a wonderful and handsome man. heart I have one son who just happen's to be a genius. mouse Takes after me.*L* I'm 5'6", blonde and green eyes. I grew up in OKC and I do have a slight Okie accent. Just a bit of a twang.*S* talking

Check out Krazy's and Rage's home-page. I love those guys.

Krazy's House
I love you, my darling.*S*

Thanks for visiting my home-page and please do sign my guestbook.:) "s"

flower garden

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