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Modern Ethics

What is the practical use for algebra? Is it a code? A representation of logical process?

Why is algebra deemed more urgent in school then Ethics. If ethics were taught in school we might not have as many of problems, such as homicide, as we have today. We also would begin to raise a generation of Americans with adequate social skills. No standard of ethics has ever been applied to the entire society. We simply turn to the courts to punish offenders, we do little proactively to prevent these problems and untangle the lives caught in this cycle.

It has been agreed by Congress that the Ten Commandments will suffice as an ethical model. The Ten Commandments are ancient ethics. Though the Ten Commandments are a good start they do not exclude the need for modern ethics. The Supreme Court is likely to overrule this as unconstitutional.

The law is also not synonymous with ethics, ethics can not be legislated but can lead us to moral behavior.

We tend to simply demand certain behavior without explanation. People (kids included) need to know “why” so they can connect the proposed behavior or belief to their own basic values. This is necessary for moral development and is common in all social development. Breaks in this process leave gaps in moral conduct judgement.

Peer pressure is a major tool in the correction of these moral gaps. We learn not to repeat inappropriate behavior because of social consequences. Unfortunately this process is difficult because the applied social standard is frequently immoral. Hence people (including children) are becoming increasingly frustrated and turning to violence. This trend has spawned the term Disgruntled. It doesn’t seem commonly known how to describe the contrary state of being gruntled!

American culture is desperately in need of ethical development. Modern life requires a balance between Selfishness and Selflessness. This process is vital to moral ethical behavior and the process of making good decisions.

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