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Camryn This Week
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To read and understand exactly what hyperbaric oxgen therapy is, please visit What is HBO Therapy?

On this page you will read all about Camryn's HBO Experience...

At this time, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is still very controversial. Experts are divided as to it's effectiveness at helping to improve upon hypoxic brain damage.

Although it has been surmised that HBO itself poses no significant risk to a patient, it is still very much frowned upon by the "traditonal" medical community. Many neurologists refer to it as "alternative" medicine, while others have flatly expressed that HBO is simply a "farce."

Today, research is underway; control groups undergoing HBO are currently being evaluated and documented at major universities all over the world. Perhaps one day we will have a clearer picture, as to HOW oxygen under pressure can help to improve upon oxygen deprivation and traumatic brain injury.

Judy (Camryn's mom) started early in Camryn's life, when Camryn was only a few months old, extensively researching HBO. There is a vast internet community of parents, who have children effected with HIE. HBO is a very hot and often discussed topic among their forums.

After getting all the "facts," Judy started her fund raising campaign, to raise the money needed to buy the HBO therapy. HBO is not recognized by insurance companies as a treatment for HIE or c.p., so the money would have to come from the family's pocket...and HBO AINT cheap!

With the help of family, a fund raiser and a wonderful, local charity group for children; Save The Kid Fund, Camryn finally had the money she needed to receive HBO.

Living in Connecticut, there were no HBO providers in the state. The closest facility was in East Hampton N.Y. Travel to N.Y. for therapy would mean a 6 week stay out of state, time away from Judy's job, money for living expenses and lodging. Suddenly, the monies raised were not nearly enough to cover all the "extras."

So, what do you do when you can't get to the HBO facility? You have the HBO chamber come to you!

That's where I'll introduce our friend John, owner/operator of Hyperbaric Oxygen Providers Express/H.O.P.E.

He came to our home and for twenty two days, Camryn received HBO sessions in a comfortable, heated and/or air-conditioned trailer, that housed the hyperbaric chamber.

Here are a few pictures from our experience...

In February 2003, Judy and Camryn traveled to Pennsyvania for 23 days, to stay with their internet friends, who have a granddaughter, effected much like Camryn, with HIE.

Camryn underwent another 42 sessions of HBO. This time though, her mom, Judy, was pregnant, so she wasn't able to go into the chamber with Camryn. Diana and Tom, Capri's grandparents, went with Camryn and Capri into the chamber.

Here are a few pictures...

"Isn't She Lovely"