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Sorry it's taken so long to get you guys some new information. I haven't developed the current film yet so I don't have any new pictures right now. I've been so busy between school, work and working on the bronco I haven't had much time for anything else. I finally got the front axle put together with new seals and ball joints and u-joints. It is mounted to the frame with 7 degree C-bushings and Rock Crawler Coil springs. New brakes; pads, shoes, calipers, and drums will slow the bronco once it gets rolling!! All of the brakes from the proportioning valve down are ready to go. I also installed Warn premium lock outs for a bullet proof design. The 5.0 is sitting on the frame with the AOD sitting loosley behind it. So far the complications have been with only trying to run the stock V-belt set up and I also need to get the rear engine cover ( inspection plate) from a late model mustang. When changing the water pump from the 91 to the 71, the timing tab was in the way so I took it off. When I rebuild the engine later I will switch to the early model timing cover as well to solve that problem. The other problem that i have run into is that the harmonic balancer sticks out 15/16" farther than the 71' balancer. To try and solve this problem I bought a new balancer from Ford and I am going to have a machine shop match the specs on the '71 to the '91 balancer to keep the engine running smooth. Hope fully this will work, I guess I will find out. New brackets were made for the AOD and the crossmember was modified for clearance so now the tranny is ready to be bolted down.
If anyone has any questions, comments or suggestions please let me know.