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Welcome to my home page! My name is Jake and this site is dedicated to the build-up of my early bronco. This is me with my second bronco in "Little Blue" in Disney Oklahoma. It is a 1971 that is continously evolving. Sorry the site isn't the greatest but I now spend most of my time in the garage. If I'm not building rigs for customers I am usually busy with mine! 

A quick run down of the truck as it's sits now.... It has 5.5 BC springs in the front, 36 x 12.50 SX's on centerline rims.  AGR steering, I have installed a full width High Pinion Dana 44 and a matching 9 inch rear,  both measure 65" WMS to WMS.  I have a Detroit in the front and a spool in the rear with 4.88 gears. I just finished building a 3-link for the front and it worked so well I decided to build one for the back.  I  ended up moving the rear axle back 4 inches  and the front forward 2" with a wheel base of about 98". The front arms worked out to be 37.5" long and the lower rears are 43.75".  Also in the latest changes I now have a flat skid plate! Above it sits a highly clocked NP205 and a klune-v underdrive behind a new C4. Here are some pics after the first test run with the new front and rear suspensions. The first 8 pictures are after the installation of the front suspension, 3/13/03.  New pictures are as of  3/30/03.  Sorry no action shots yet, we were too busy wheelin!

Enjoy, Jake

Not bad, a little trimmin and it fit fine!

Flexes great! No shocks yet though.

 I moved the spring buckets forward 2".

I used GM Spring Bushings on the Axle and Johnny Joint's on the frame

I need to make a new high clearance trac bar cause the
factory one hits the diff
under compression

He is my clearancing of the tunnel acess. Lokar shifter, Home
built twin stick and the klune shifter.

Another view of the "Shift Rod Forest" The Column shifter is
not hooked up now.  Also the section of floor that is cut out is also
raised 1" to clear the top of the top of the 205. I also ground off
over half an inch from the 205.

The front flexes very well now. The klune is all I could have
hoped for. With my tool box not in to weight the back it doesn't
flex well but I hope to have that cured soon.


After the first test run,  Only a few things left to finish.

Here is a better picture of the flat bottom. Still Don't have the skid
Plate made yet

This is what the lower arms look like. Need to remount the
shocks in a more useful manner.

Here is the covers I made for the acess hole in the floor. Still need
shifter boots for them.

My relocation of the fuel filler. Also the extended wheel tubs and
the rear seat has been moved 8" forward.

Rear springs are 330 lb rate MOOG springs that fit something
stock ;) Also I used an adjustable base for easy spring swaps
and ride height adjustments. The 271 lb springs were way too soft!

Not a good picture but it shows the 205 clocking and the flat

Also not a very good picture but this is the upper mount on the inside
of the frame and the exhaust routing as well.

Upper mount on the differential..
Upper axle mount

C4, Dana 300 Adapter, 4.1 Klune, 1" Spacer, And finally the 205..

View from the other side..
I was not sure how the gearing was going to work out but the 4:1
turned out to be perfect for most of the obstacles. The 8:1 gear
reduction was very handy in the rock garden section and the steep
down hills. I had thought it might prove to be too slow but the control
was great! Up and Down the trail, No brakes necessary! I have one
problem so far and I believe it is a bad cv on the rear driveshaft.
Hopefully I will have it pin pointed this week and then we will be
good to go!

my dad's bronco
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