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Attention Padawans...
Days Untill The Millenium

December 2

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Welcome To Big Hick's Star Wars Spectacular
The Homepage Of The Great Council
One Of A Kind Star Wars Fan Art
Wes's Extensive Rumors Archive
And An Excellent Pod Racer N64 Page

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As Of 12-2

Well, it's been a while since the last post. Good to see everybody again.
I can see by the counter that the page is a hit, so I will do periodic updates every month or so
Thanks for all the support guys, but remember, we still need more feedback.

The page has finally hit 100%. Look for updates at least each month. Mail me if you want to be on the newsletter to be alerted when the page is updated.

The Rumors Page Was Looking A Bit Rough, So I Went Back And Tried To Refine It Just A Bit. Hope Ya Like It

Hey! I've Thrown In A Bit Of Javascript... Lemme Know What You Think

Latest Council Topic
Great Jedi Duels You Want To See
Vader vs. The Young Obi-Wan? Qui-Gon vs. Clone Palpatine, The Possibilities are Endless, Let's Hear Your Fantasy Jedi Duel
And You Can Still Enter Your Thoughts On The Great Jar Jar Debate Or The Darth Maul/Darth Vader Match
Enter The Great Council Hall

Watto's Junkpile

Let's See Whatta Else I Have In The Pile, Eh?

The Great Council Hall
The Pod Racer Garage
Big Hick's Star Wars Gallery
Top 10 Things We Want Mace Windu To Say In Episode II
Find Your Star Wars Name
Wes's Rumors
The Link Archive

And Bya Popular Demand: A Gif Ia Call. Jar Jar vs. a Bug Zapper

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